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Appliance Removal Katy Tx

Appliance Removal Services

Don’t waste your time or hurt your back hauling heavy appliances. Our team of qualified professionals are the appliance removal experts in Katy TX and the greater Houston Areas. Our full service employees handle every step of the process. Dont burden yourself with process remove appliances, let our locally owned company handle it so you don’t hit the damage your property or hurt yourself in the process. Our Katy Trash Bros have plenty of appliance removal experience and muscle to get the job done safely and efficiently. With Katy Trash Bros appliance removal services, you can rest assured that you will receive quality service, upfront honest pricing, and responsible eco friendly disposal from our appliance removal experts.

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Applicance Removal Houston

We know your capable and want to do things yourself, but when it comes to appliance removal Houston TX don’t risk damaging your property or hurting yourself, call our team of experienced professionals. We will not only move it but will dispose of it properly as well. We make sure these appliances get recycled or reused if possible.  Don’t let an old appliance take up room in your garage or yard, call Katy Trash Bros today. 

We Remove Old Appliances

At Katy Trash Bros, Katy  Junk Removal and Services, our experts can handle any old appliance removal you can throw at us. Don’t hesitate, call today and let us remove the clutter of appliances from your garage or property. Getting rid of old refrigerators, stoves, or washers can be a burden. Let Katy Trash Bros help.  Leave the trash to us!

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Locally Owned and Operated

At Katy Trash Bros, Katy  Junk Removal and Services, our proficient hauling experts can handle the removal of almost anything – from yard waste and appliances to construction debris and office furniture. The best part? We handle all the work, requiring you to never lift a finger! Serving residential, commercial, and construction customers daily, we pride ourselves on having the friendliest staff in the entire Katy area!

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